Les Astuces du Jour



Colorer l'impro sur vos dominants / Adding colour to your dominant chord improvisation.

Pour rajouter un peu plus de couleur dans votre impro sur un dominant (7, 13 ou 9), essayer d'utiliser ta gamme altéré, ne pas sur son fondamental.. mais sur son triton! Try this one! To add some subtle mood...   More


Flat 5 substitutes - One scale covers both the dominant and the Flat 5

When using the flat 5 substitute instead of the dominant, a common chord to use is the #11. To make your improvisation harmonious over a #11 you should use the LYDIAN SCALE (A major scale with the #4 and b7)....   More


Pour rendre vos "voicings" plus tranchants..

On a travaillé sur les fameux 2 - 5 - 1 en utilisant des "voicings" standards - par exemple en Bb.. Cm9: Eb G Bb D (3 5 7 9) F13: Eb A D (7 3 6) .. mais pour que ce soit un peu plus tranchant, essayer les...   More


More Grit for your Voicings

Time to vary our voicings! The standard rootless chord voicings for a 2 - 5 in Bb would be: Cm9: Eb G Bb D (3 5 7 9) F13: Eb A D (7 3 6) Play these to give it a bit more grit: Cm9: Bb C D Eb G (7 1 9 3...   More


Two scales for the price of one

Remember the previous "Astuce" - Bill Evans adding the leading note (Maj 7th) to the Dorian Scale?.. Not so stupid!.. because it is the same scale as the altered scale a semi-tone below! Eg: Play the altered...   More


Advanced ii - v - i exercise..

Try this improvisation on ii - v - i in Bbmi.. essayer celui-ci comme exercice! Séquence d'accords (main gauche - left hand): Cm7 Cm/Maj7 ¦ F7/b9/+5 ¦ Bbm9 ¦ Bbm9 Keeping to adjacent notes during the chord...   More


G and Tonic Scale

Pentatonics... Try using Hanon as a basis for your pentatonic riffs .. and get a smile from the real musicians in your audience! ... It's also a fun way to get those Hanon exercises going and become a real...   More


Trading Fours

Try "trading fours" with each other... Listen to Derek Trucks trading 4s with his flute player.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhWSYbGsOoE   More


Hip turnarounds

Try this turnaround in F (instead of landing on the tonic) A7+5, D7/#9, G13, C7/#9. Use this voicing for the A7+5: G(vii) - C#(iii) F(v aug).. then drop down to the D7/#9 using F# (iii), C(vii) & F(#9). Then...   More


Flat 5 Substitutes

When you are using a flat 5 substitution on the dominant (in C using a C#13 or a C# #9 instead of the G dominant), why not take the ii minor along for the ride! (In C the Ab #11 replaces the Dm). So the ii - v...   More

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