The Area 

We are surrounded by mountains and the other chalets of the hamlet - so they have their obvious charm but it's only a 6 or 7 minutes walk into the centre of the village where there's a small supermarket and deli, an artisan brewery, a tiny café/bar, a good pizza restaurant and a good, more up market one, called the Feuille d'Érable.  Close-by Samoens has a wide choice of amenities and a wonderful open air market on Wednesday mornings where you can get your fill of local produce such as Karine's excellent cheese and yoghurt from happy sheep and goats.


About Sixt..  

Sixt-Fer-a-Cheval is considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in France and is in the heart of the Passy Nature Reserve just near the Swiss border and a little to the north of Mont Blanc.  Although it's surrounded by the magnificent mountains of Tenneverge, the Pointe de Sales, Mont Buet and Sans Bet, Geneva Airport is just over an hour away.  A number of impressive waterfalls, including the famous Cascade de Rouget,  tumble into the pristine waters of the River Giffre, creating a cool breeze along the fertile valley.

The actual Fer-a-Cheval,  a Grande Site de France from which the village takes its name,  is an extraordinary, enormous natural amphitheatre formed of cliffs sweeping precipitously down from the surrounding mountains along with waterfalls dropping down from their great heights.  When you stand on the valley floor looking up at the power of nature, you cannot help but feel awestruck and even a little humbled.    

The village itself was quite isolated until the 19th century and many of the families living in its three hundred or so houses trace their ancestry back hundreds of years.  A number of new inhabitants , particularly from the U.K., have moved here recently and appreciate its clean air, calm lifestyle and natural beauty. In fact, the link with the U.K. goes back to the 19th century, when  notable Alpiniste, Alfred Wills, made Sixt his home and built a  chalet here.


Our Environment.. 

Surrounded by a wonderful abundance of nature here – clean water, fresh air and an amazing biodiversity, from blue gentians and orchids in the alpine pastures in spring to the nesting pair of  gypaetes (lammergeier) who soar over the valley on their 3 metre wingspans -  the local families still live close to the land, growing vegetables, keeping sheep, making cheese or producing honey.  At Chalet Vaia, we try to respect that lifestyle and use local produce when we can or make many of our cleaning  products ourselves from natural ingredients.  

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